Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Getting in at the Pleasance

Here we go...
I think we may have the brightest poster in the festival. Look out for it. Book tickets now.

Our new flightcases give us a very different look from previous years of touring. No more old battered suitcases, no more loose random objects. Same old NIE, with new and more proper looking touring kit.

But some things will always stay the same. Cat found a place to sit. I don't think she broke any of the rules surrounding her, but who knows whether she is an authorised person?

Our get-in was after that of Hugh Hughes. We arrived two hours early (that's how keen we are to get it all started), and at various stages we were tempted to throw Hugh Hughes out. But we didn't.

When it was finally our turn to claim Pleasance Two we made the most of it: spread out our junk everywhere, trying very hard not to break any rules, and got to know our crew for this month. They're all great.

We had some issues with our gun and had to get the decibel police in to check it. The first shots were 10dB over the limit, so we had to resort to the smaller gun. That was 3dB under, so it was fine. But Alex loves the bigger gun, so he called the dB police back to check the other blanks for the bigger gun. They were exactly on the limit. 100dB.

One heroic technician climbed into the roof to hang our streetlamp. Our streetlamp always impresses and confuses technicians in all venues we go to. They've never seen anything like it, and when you come to see the show you'll have to admit it is the most beautiful ugly object you've ever seen.

These are the people we share Pleasance Two with. I'm very impressed with Matthew Sharp, who is doing two different shows at the same time.

We start today. Be the first to see My Life With The Dogs in the Edinburgh Festival. COME AND JOIN US at PLEASANCE TWO at 5.30PM.

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