Friday, 14 August 2009

The Routine

We're halfway through week 1 now (the first week is called week 0) and we've settled into a daily routine. Part of that routine is cutting snow. Nikki is the master cutter, but sometimes, when time runs out, Cat and Tom help out.

We did a little photo session about our time at Pleasance Two. At Pleasance Two, the backstage area is outside, opposite the green bit (the green bit has a name, but I can't remember what it is).

The show before us has a lot of stuff, and every day when they finish, we can't wait to get in there. Only we have to wait, otherwise we'd get in the way of their get-out.
Kjell and David were ready to roll in the amps.

As we share the storage portacabins and the dressing room portacabins with the other companies of P2 (Pleasance Two), it is very easy to meet the other companies. This is Dafydd.

I've started learning music for My Name is Sue. I think it will be alright. The only thing I'm worried about is Elisabet Topp. Her laughter is very infectious and I don't know if I'll be able to keep a straight face. When I said this out loud, drummer Sue gave me her Sue look and said: 'You'll just have to'. But she doesn't know the Liz Laugh yet....
A lot of people are very jealous of me. They would all love to be a Sue.
I'll just have to make sure I don't get the costumes mixed up.

In the meanwhile I've managed to see a few more shows I didn't like, but I also found one show that blew me away completely. I walked out of it feeling as if I'd just been run over by a truck. It's a half hour show called Sea Wall and it's on at the Traverse. They have their last show tomorrow though, so if you want to catch it you'll have to hurry.

But most of all: don't forget to book your tickets for our show.

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