Saturday, 29 August 2009

De laatste loodjes

The last two days we've been rehearsing in Leith. This coffee shop caught my eye for the obvious reasons. NOW REST! In three days I will rest a lot. In fact, I think I might stay in bed for three days.
The end is now very near and I am getting very homesick. I haven't really been home in two months and I miss my flat, even though it will probably be very dusty by the time I get there. But it's my little palace, it's where I feel at home.

A few doors down from the place we rehearsed, there was a little shop that sold cards and some strange joke shops things. It had this sign in the window: Shoplifters will get a bat in the mouth.

My first thoughts were of a bat - the winged mouse. And thinking of a bat in the mouth then made me think of Michelle Pfeiffer holding a live bird in her mouth for one of the Batman films; thus earning the lifelong respect of Tim Burton. (Associative thinking gets stranger and stranger as I get more tired. I can get from Sue to Mozart to the Best Belgian Chips in three easy steps, but I won't bore you with those specific associations now).

It also had this sign in the window:

It was quite interesting being in Leith. It gave us a suitable distance from the madness of the festival and we could focus on rehearsing.

Liz did a great job yesterday. We were all getting on with our daily jobs of getting ready for the show and then we spotted this bizarre sight:

Liz in Iva's dress. It reminded us that we'd be on stage with her, and got us all very thrilled about playing. Then Iva instructed Liz on the belly position. I listened to part of it, and understood that it's not just a matter of shoving a pillow under a t-shirt: it's a very precise and detailed procedure.

During the get-in we had a problem with our streetlamp. It didn't work. But the guys from Pleasance Two were brilliant and fixed it for us. We didn't even go up late. Thank you James, Gareth and David.
But in general, I would really like to thank the whole crew of Pleasance Two, which also includes the chief: Annabelle.
When we first arrived in Edinburgh, we were a bit unsure because our old friend Tony wasn't there. He'd been with us in P2 for two consecutive years, and now he wasn't there anymore.
We shouldn't have been worried: we've been taken care of very well, and right now, considering how tired I'm getting, I really don't know how they're all still on their feet, running 8 shows (sometimes 9) a day.

So: all thanks to Annabelle, David, Gareth and James. We couldn't have done it without you.

PS: The title of this post is in Dutch. It's half of a Dutch proverb. I'll save the second half for a next post, so then it might make more sense. Then again, if you already understand this half, you will already know what the second half says, so maybe I won't bother.

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