Friday, 21 August 2009

The Mud

In true Edinburgh style, our backstage area has turned into a mudbath. At the moment there are two small areas of dry gravel left to put our stuff on before we go in.

Cat has gone back to the office in Cambridge for a few days and it feels very strange to be one man down. She's back tonight though.
In the meanwhile we're already focused on the next tour, or rather the logistics for our next tour. Everything will be freighted to the north of Norway. I don't like freighting. I don't like when our set is not with me in the back of the van.
Last time (when we went to China), we nearly didn't get our set back in time.
And like last time, there is not enough time for me to drive it all up there. So I'll be a bit jittery until we get back to the UK and our set is there waiting for me to join me on the roads of Europe.

I would like to congratulate 'My Name is Sue' for being nominated for a Total Theatre Award. I think they should win.
I also think that whoever stole Dafydd's bike should return it to Pleasance Two.

We're headed for the final week now. So don't forget to come and see us.

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