Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Week one is over - we have a day off

When we were on the Royal Mile yesterday we made some new friends. Two little girls danced to our music, and some people from other shows sang along to our song.
We also made some non-friends, but not in a disastrous way. Sometimes we are deemed too loud to be anywhere near the stages and get asked to move on. So then we go and sing somewhere else.

The show last night was very full again - there was some space for people with Pleasance passes, but not for all of them. Kjell stumbled right into the audience, but did no damage. So far no one has given us their biscuits yet.

As we now have a day off, it is time to wash some of the costumes.

In the evening we all went to see Camille at the Assembly Hall. She was great. Simon and Chris from Hoipolloi were there too, but that didn't surprise me much.
Two years ago I stalked them (both accidentally and relentlessly) throughout the festival. Whatever show they'd picked to go and see, I was there too. We decided to stick to old habits this year.

But now something very strange has happened. I'm being stalked as well now. So it's triple stalking. The woman who's stalking me was at Internal with me and last night she was there for Camille. Considering there were about 800 people there, I was quite impressed that she managed to be right in front of me not only at the start, but also at the end (as far as I could see, she was not sitting anywhere near me).
I've asked around and apparently she's called Linda Marlowe. Apparently she's famous.

I won't tell you which shows I'm going to see today, but I'll let you know if she shows up wherever I go.

As it is the end of week one, I will give you a list of the things I've loved so far:
(this list is in random order, but with the Belgians at the top)
- Internal
- Hugh Hughes
- My Name is Sue
- Camille

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