Saturday, 1 August 2009

Packing Up

On Saturday we did a run for a small select audience (some friends from Asker and Oslo).
Afterwards we packed our brandnew flightcases, for which we had to destroy part of the car so they would fit. The packing of the car very quickly turned into a one man job with the rest of us watching. It reminded me a bit of the way me and my siblings would all stand around while my father tried to get everything into the car at the start of a summer holiday. A sense of anticipation, excitement, and impatience (in our case mainly for dinner and birthday cakes).

Bjorn and Betty (Kjell's neighbours) had made us dinner, which was fantastic. Grete, Lenka and the kids had made Sasha's birthday cakes, so the evening turned into a complete feast.

In between dinner and cake, I got a new international haircut, courtesy of Tomas Mechacek. People were very dismissive and discouraging about me letting him cut my hair, but I think you have to take some risks in life and when it comes to hair, it does grow back (at least mine does...).

In the middle of the haircutting job, we paused for cake. We all screamed the devil out of the cake and had a discussion about where that tradition came from. It wasn't resolved. It's either Bara's or Dave's tradition. They can figure it out between them, the bottom line is the kids love it (and so do the adults).

Tom did a great job, which wasn't that easy as everyone kept commenting and making suggestions.
Liz helped with a few finishing touches and insisted on hairgel, but that's where my openness to risks fell short. I hate hair products.

Everyone had to admit Tom did a great job.

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