Sunday, 23 August 2009

Secret police

A week ago we had a special appearance in our backstage area outside Pleasance Two. Two policemen came and stood behind the partition wall that 'protects' us from the general public. When they arrived and headed straight for one of the portakabins, we initially thought they were after our gun. Or something illegal. They weren't. They were on a break.

Since then they've been there every day. One day there were four of them.

One day we asked them if they were on a break. 'We're hiding', they replied. 'This is our favourite place for hiding'. I suggested they could go inside one of the storage portakabins and shut the doors. 'Ok, can you come and let us out at 4am?'
Their shift runs from 4pm to 4am and they cover the Pleasance and the Underbelly areas.
And Pleasance Two is apparently their hiding place.

I do have a picture of them, but I don't want to get them into trouble, as they're nice guys and they made me laugh.
One day someone from Pleasance security brought them hot dogs.

I wonder if they saw who stole Dafydd's bike.

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