Friday, 21 August 2009

The Guardian brings their kids

I just found an article by a Guardian journalist who is exploring the fringe with his children. He came to see our show and this is the verdict:

"Our meeting with the cast of My Life with The Dogs, as they flogged their wares on the Royal Mile, was providential. We had already marked their version of the life of a four-year-old Moscow boy who flees his home to live with a pack of street dogs as a possible. We worried, though, that it might be too dark – or have too much Russian – for an 11-year-old. They reassured us that it would not be. At least one audience member did not seem quite so sure, casting nervous glances our way whenever something violent or risqué happened. The 13-year-old declared he had never seen anything that so cleverly mixed music with acting or which treated the audience like part of the show. His only wish – and mine – was that it could have gone on longer."

(the entire article is here)

People often ask us if they can bring their children. It's a difficult question to answer. Yes, of course, is one answer: we do perform in schools with this show and teenagers love it. When it comes to younger children, it entirely depends on their parents and what they think their children can handle. It is not an offensive performance in any way, and I think the bigger question is if they would be too young to understand what is happening on stage.
In general, I would say older than 10 should be fine. But I'm not a parent...

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