Monday, 17 August 2009

An Eventful Day - Part 1: The Sunday Roast

At the beginning of the festival Nikki had promised us she would cook us a roast. Us is a total of about 15 people, including children and partners. Yesterday was the day. While we were doing the show, Nikki was slaving away in Kjell and Iva's kitchen, roasting three chickens, an enormous amount of roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots, stuffing, yorkshire puddings and gravy.

You might be able to guess that it is not that straightforward to cook for 15 people in a small kitchen with only one oven. Added to that is the fact that most NIE members are big eaters.
When we arrived after the show we all tried to offer some help, but it was made clear that after having spent three hours in the kitchen on her own, Nikki wanted to finish the job herself.

Sasha had 5 chicken legs (he may be small, but he is one of the big eaters), and me and Alex reached the point of not being able to move anymore because we'd eaten too much.

There was more than enough for everyone and it was yummy. Well done, Nikki!


Alex said...

what about part 2 of the day? is it nikki's row with the famous??

New International Encounter said...

Patience is a virtue...
All three parts are done now.