Sunday, 9 August 2009

Shows we like

Everyone should go and see 'My Name is Sue' at Pleasance Two at 9.45pm. We like Sue. She's great. She's Welsh. She rocks.

I will not tell you anything about the show because you should just go and see it. If you fancy a hilarious night out that is not stand-up comedy, just go there. And say hello from me.

Last night I had a brief moment of panic during the show. During the Russian song in the middle of the show, David started playing the bass one verse earlier than usual, and I then started playing the drums one verse earlier than usual (during the second instead of the third verse). Halfway through the verse I suddenly realised that I normally change the lights during that verse, only now I had no hands left to control the lighting desk. After the initial confusion of why I suddenly had this problem, I found a solution and got through it.
Cat suggested I could try and control the lights with my hair. My hair can do many things, but I think it's not quite ready to operate a lighting desk.
(I think I should get the Hair of the Fringe award, but Alex said I'd have to have a fringe. So I reckon Sue can have the Fringe of the Fringe award, and I'll have the Hair of the Fringe award.)

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