Monday, 3 August 2009

Travel by numbers 13: Oslo - Edinburgh

The last thing I expected when I left the house at 5am on Sunday morning was to see Kjell, on his bike, ready to go somewhere. I asked him where he was off to. The answer: "Catching fish". Those Norwegians...

Armed with a thermos flask full of coffee, I set off on the multi-ferry multi-country journey.
I drove to Larvik (87 minutes), boarded the ferry to Hirtshals (three hours and forty five minutes), drove across Denmark to Esbjerg (three hours and twenty one minutes) and waited for the ferry to Harwich (eighteen hours and forty five minutes).

I was on this ferry going the other way exactly one year ago, on my way to Odsherred to rehearse Everything Falls Apart.
I saw the same magician as last year, and he was still boring and rubbish.

There was a true ladybird infestation on the outer deck. The floor was covered in them, a lot of them had perished because you couldn't step in between them, but more than a lot of them were still alive. I'd never seen anything like it.

When the boat finally docked in Harwich, they all flew off the boat as the cars where driving off. So I drove through the ladybird rain.

The drive to Edinburgh (seven hours and forty eight minutes), was busy but smooth. The further I got, the more I tried to spot people I knew. I especially focused on unbranded vans or rental vans, thinking there must be a fair amount of people I know also driving up to Edinburgh. But I didn't recognise anyone.

Total travel time: thirty nine hours forty eight minutes.

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