Sunday, 9 August 2009

Some workshops I found

Last night we found a quiet place to sit and have a drink. I won't tell you were that is, because then it might get as packed as everywhere else.
I was reading Three Weeks (a festival publication) and found listings for a few workshops.
And they really made me laugh.

Workshop 1: THE ART OF BLOGGING (quite obvious why that caught my eye)
"Everyone can be a journalist or a writer these days, can't they, with the power of the worldwide interweb blogosphere and all that? Your chances of doing a successful blog might be increased, however, if you attend this masterclass on the subject of blogging run by Helen Fowler and Caroline Dunford, both of whom secured publishing deals via their own blogs."

"Well, here's one for nearly everyone. How to deal with rejection. To be fair, it's about having your written work rejected, but I expect Caroline Dunford (who yes, also tells you how best to blog) will offer tips and techniques that would help in other areas too."

I would like to wish Caroline Dunford the best of luck with her writing.

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