Thursday, 6 August 2009

One down

So we did it. We played our first show at Pleasance Two. We had what Anabelle (our stage manager) called 'a healthy audience', and that didn't refer to swine flu, it referred to its size.
I don't think I've ever seen Edinburgh so busy so early on. It's great to see the courtyard so full, and during the show you hear the buzz of the people outside (and unfortunately the clanging of the glass bottles in the bottle containers).

One slight drawback was that ten minutes before the show we were told we had to use the small gun, even though the big gun with the quieter caps was within the dB limit. Alex was not very happy about that.

But hey, he got himself new showpants and they'd make everyone happy.

And Cat got busy making snow. She was so excited about her first photographic appearance on our blog, I decided to give her another one.

Last night we saw a show called 'My Name is Sue' and it made me a little bit jealous because they had a real piano and real drums. Alex said my drums are a lot cooler than real drums and he's right. No one has drums like mine. And on Friday our Saturday our friends from Hoipolloi are bringing me a better keyboard. So I really have no reason to complain.

Today we'll tackle the Royal Mile to try and make our audience even healthier.

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